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Bicycle Association of County Vas
For cycling in County Vas!



UCI bíró és a polgármesterAre you searching for a solution for your municipality’s cycling problems? Do you want your municipality to become more livable and safer? Are you searching for a solution for the inhabitants to become a community? Too much noise and dust? Do you want to do something to make people smile?

Are you a designer, a contractor, a builder or the leader of a company, who is searching for the solutions that can easily and cost effectively be used for the sake of the bikers? Is it important to you that people like what you build or lead?

Do you want to apply but do not know what aspects you should take into consideration for a cycling development? You cannot find the proper professionals for measuring, for planning, for constructing and, most of all, for propagation?

Did you know, that

  • nearly three times as many people bike in Hungary than in the EU?
  • developing a safe and connected cycling system can greatly raise a municipality’s real worth?
  • ensuring the usage of bicycles and cycling services for the workers can be deducted from the company’s tax and also greatly improves the satisfaction of the workers?
  • your municipality and your company can be biker-friendly?
  • even the King of Denmark rides a bicycle?

The aim of the Bicycle Association of County Vas is to find the solutions using its existing relations, professionals and methods together that will surely make every biker satisfied! Also, as a decision maker, you will know that you made a GOOD and valuable decision!


JUMP!Are you a kindergartner, a teacher, the leader of an NGO or an organization who considers his/her community important?

Are you searching for active community-building programs where people can learn too? Do you want to avoid a cycling program or trip turning into a nightmare because of organizing and planning failures? Have you been somewhere and want to show what you have seen and tell what you have been through while cycling? Are you looking for other community-building obsessed bikers? Or just for a good practical and professionally useful exercise for your students?

Do you remember the atmosphere of the old KRESZ competitions? The obstacle course on the courtyard of the kindergarten or the school? The moment when it turned out that a policeman can be kind too? Do you want to share this with the children entrusted to you?

Looking for a good and unfailing topic, where discussions, experiences, adventures and also serious topics can appear? For interesting people who tell and show these?

Are you a student looking for a good topic for your next home assignment? Are you a professor and bored with non-existing, imagined tasks and meaningless assignments during a semester that are boring for everyone? Perhaps even elaborate a few cycling topics with your students locally with support from the locals?

Do you want to organize a cycling trip but do not know where to go? Are you not sure that you know everything necessary for a longer group cycling trip and for preparing it?


IMGP3022Are you fond of cycling? Do you want to teach your child to bike? Do you want to try yourself out at a competition or a nice little trip or on a track? Do you want to try out taking part in a competition or a trip by yourself, with your family or your friends but do not know how begin? While fixing a flat tire you realized that it would be good to know the basic bicycle-fixing tricks? Would you like to get acquainted with other bikers like you? Are you looking for a biker community? Do you have a good a cycling idea?

Do you still remember the marvelous feeling when you first hopped on the bike and went beyond the corner of the street? Do you remember what is it like to feel the rush of wind on your face and the ROAD lies ahead of you? When you cycle the daily stress out of yourself? Are you curious about people like you and their experiences? Or maybe looking for others who you can cycle or make a trip with? Do you want to forget when you were standing awkwardly beside the flat tire of your bike and had no idea what to do? Or just simply have been thinking for years now about that you still have your bike or not and when was the last time you were sitting on it?

The Bicycle Association of County Vas helps everyone, who thinks that cycling is a long forgotten but desired thought in their life, by organizing community programs and bringing bikers together. Helps those, who want to change their cycling habits. Those, who want to prepare for a trip on their own or in a smaller community. Those, who are looking for company for cycling in a Saturday evening. Those, who dust their bikes and have it repaired or decided to buy one and hit the road!


VasMKSZOur goal with founding and operating the Bicycle Association of County Vas is to assemble and aid those, who believe in that the cycling culture creates value for the individual and the community as well.

We can find those solutions together that will make our environment in County Vas more livable. We aim to ensure the best solutions for the constructors of cycling developments and to help organizations and communities so their cycling programs can provide real community experiences.

Through our work we do everything to reveal, to show and to render the cycling values of County Vas attractive. In favour of these too we can get in touch through the following contacts and continue the cooperation:


Phone 0036-94/509-500
In person 9700, Szombathely, Kőszegi st. 2. Floor II.